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Support page

This page has been created to allow you all a place to provide feedback and to report any issues you may be having with the apps.

EQ Editor FAQs

  1. Where is the support for matrices?
    Unfortunately, matrix support wasn’t an easy problem to fix, so it has been MIA since the very beginning. The plan is to include it in the next major revision, but that won’t be available for several months at this point.
  2. What support does the app have for TeX and what are the chances of adding it in the future?
    The current data model is basically 100% XML which doesn’t play well with TeX. If you have TeX that you want to view on the iPad, the freeware EQ Reader can handle it. You can also look into some of the XSL stylesheets that exist to convert MathML to TeX and vice versa. I do have an app in mind for handling TeX, but it’s still in the planning stages.
  3. Are there any plans to improve the keyboard interface for EQ Editor/EQ Lite? It’s kind of annoying to use the table view to type letters.
    Yes, but development has been on hold until the most recent app has been released (and there’s another app on the drawing board that may push new development back even further).
  4. What are the differences between EQ Editor and EQ Editor Lite? EQ Editor is only for iPad. EQ Editor Lite is both iPad and iPhone. Because EQ Editor Lite is a universal app, it doesn’t have support for as many math symbols and the interface relies more on lists of math symbols (and therefore has fewer symbols available). This interface is less intuitive than the “pro” version which lets you do a long press and have a menu with the math symbols just pop up on screen. They both have basically the same typesetting engine and have the same output formats.
  5. I’m having trouble finding the _____ symbol. Do you know where it is? If you’re using the full version, the odds are good that it’s there, but you may need to look through a number of popups to find it. To create a popup, press and hold the key for 0.5 secs and then release. A menu will appear with additional options. The layout for most symbols is to have related symbols (like the plus and plus/minus) grouped together and then to try and keep commonly used symbols near the top. of the edit screen.
  6. I would really like to be able to just tap the screen and have it put the cursor where I tap it.
    This is another feature that is more difficult to implement than it seems but it is something that is on the table for future versions of the app.
  7. I find the help file to be a bit lacking, do you have something better?
    Currently, no, but when/if I have the time I will be going back and reviewing the help file. I also plan to take the new app I’m writing and use it to create a better manual (maybe in the form of an ePub).

Known issues with Notebook:

  1. Dropcaps are not styling correctly. It seems to decide to treat any newly inserted text in a paragraph as something equivalent to a backspace. My suggestion is don’t add dropcaps until the very end of the process and if you are wanting to change a paragraph with one of those in it: go back and toggle dropcaps off, make your changes, then insert the drop caps style again. This issue will be addressed in the first patch.
  2. Pasting text from iBooks (for example) seems to cause it to copy the exact same style as was present in iBooks without being able to clear formatting automatically and adjust it to your own style. This may or may not be some internal webkit issue but will be addressed in the first patch.

Please send in any issues you have with the app not functioning correctly. Update: a fix has been found for these two issues. Expect patch 1.01 sometime next week.

  1. Rob robins permalink

    Eq editor … Saving an equation then calling it up later shows the first line only that promptly goes away and all that is available is blank page, regardless of what was there when saved. Only pure text seems to save, symbols of any kind are lost. It will copy and paste to,other apps, photo album, but no,internal save that I can make happen.

    • A couple of questions: 1) Has it always been like this or did it use to be able to save for you and no longer works now? 2) Have you tried exporting to an xml file and then reimporting to see what that does? In any case, my first guess is that the app’s internal data file that stores the data is corrupted somehow which causes it to not save correctly.

      The most likely, you can try and follow all of the steps here ( in order, particularly 6) reinstall the app and hopefully that can clear up any problems. Let me know if these issues persist.

  2. It’s hard to tell from the App Store, but does EQ Notebook include an equation editor, or would one have to flip back and forth between EQ Notebook and EQ Editor? I’ve been searching for an iOS replacement for LyX, so if the two functions could be combined into a single product, I’d be all over it!

    • EQ Notebook does not include an equation editor. It is much more like a set of WYSIWYG web pages but it also allows you to include multiple document types in that set. You can paste MathML on these web pages the same as you would an image and will render the math using MathJax. You can also include TeX files in the set of documents.

      I am in the early stages developing of a Markdown + TeX editor (which would be much more like LyX I think). Would the feature set need to be very close to LyX to be useful to you or are there some features you feel like would be more important than others? I haven’t used LyX before, but is the TeX support more like an equation editor or do you just type in TeX normally?


    shows how LyX works with equations. LyX is essentially a WYSIWYG LaTeX editor that happens to have a graphical math panel that’s similar to EQ Editor. That said, you can also enter math/symbols directly using LaTeX and have it be rendered inline. It’s extremely useful for writing scientific papers.

  4. Angelo Scozzarella permalink

    I purchased EQ Editor Pro for iPad and I’m vey disappointing:

    1) How can I define the size of brackets? If I want to put inside brackets fractions with underscripted or upperscripted variables the aspect become ugly,

    2) How can I write a sqrt more than fourth, n?

    3) How can I set a different alignment, not centered?

    and more (matrix, ecc)

    I hope to receive answers.

    • Thank you for your purchase.

      The brackets automatically resize picking a bracket in a larger font if it can’t fit at the smaller font. This is the best solution available for ipad because trying to size them to match exactly the height causes a different kind of distortion which is also unpleasant.

      There currently is no support for n-roots as that would involve a lot of work to the navigation part of it, though there may be in the future.

      The equation images are currently centered and fixed. I have plans to allow you to adjust the layout for them, but that didn’t make the most recent patch. You could always copy each image and paste them into another program if you needed to do something major with the alignment.

      Matrices are a big deal as well since it involves coding for each level, typesetting, cursor navigation, sizing, etc. and so it won’t be available for awhile.

      EQ Editor is a way to quickly get equations into another app, but is not a replacement for TeX.

  5. John permalink

    Just purchased and managed to enter a couple of trivial equations. This was difficult because the location of the cursor is not always where the characters appear when you type and tapping on the screen seems to place the cursor in odd locations periodically. Did you test this app on the new iPad? It is pretty much unusable until this is fixed.

    • I haven’t been able to test the app on the new iPad, or been able to run it on the new iPad simulator as that requires upgrading the entire OS to 10.7 as well as upgrading to a new SDK. As far as I know, the cursor location should match up correctly as it uses the internal coordinate system and lets the OS decide where to place the pixels. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with running EQ Editor Lite on a retina display and since they share the same draw code then there shouldn’t be a problem on the new iPad.

      However, since it is causing problems for you, I will try to get the new simulator running and see if the problem shows up for me. Which is all I can do at the moment.

  6. John permalink

    Thanks for being willing to give it a try. I can’t comment on the root cause of the issue but I can tell you with certainty that on the new iPad that the cursor location can end up in weird spots. Rotating the device also tends to put the cursor in odd locations although you can recover by using the arrow keys.

    As a side note, and perhaps related, the spacing between elements can also go a little funny with things such as a division over a division with division bar going through characters.

    • Just an update: 1) I have tested the app on a simulator with the new iPad retina and everything was being drawn correctly.

      2) I am aware of the cursor rotation issue and that happens because I haven’t set it up to trigger a redraw of the cursor when you change orientation. Since any action at all should cause the cursor to redraw at the correct location, I have decided it is minor. The same sort of issue causes the equations to not be properly centered after a rotation, but clicking through them will trigger a redraw so that they are correctly centered.

      3) The fraction and other parts of the equations should not be touching and I’m not sure why this would happen any more than why it would fail to draw the cursor correctly. I have a few theories, but no way to test them out since I can’t replicate it on the simulator and I don’t have an iPad 3 to test it on.

      My suggestion would be to try restarting the ipad, and then deleting and reinstalling the entire app (see: for details). If that doesn’t work, you can look into getting a refund for iTunes store credit or something as it doesn’t sound like the app is working correctly on your iPad.

  7. EQ Notebook. Not able to connect Dropbox. Tried to unlink Dropbox from Ipad. Tried power off and power on. Dropbox works with other apps. I have an Ipad 2 on IOS 5.1.1 and Dropbox 1.4.7. Any ideas?

    • I have tested this out down to even unlinking and relinking the app on both the simulator and my iPad 2 and have not been able to replicate it. The next thing I would suggest is back up anything you want to keep that’s in EQ Notebook and then delete and reinstall the app. This link: has more information on this process if you need it. Let me know if this problem persists.

  8. EQ Notebook. Thanks. That worked. Is it possible to import a MathML file via dropbox?

    • Yes. You can either move it to the folder for EQ Notebook in Dropbox and download it locally from inside EQ Notebook or you can find the file on Dropbox, select the “Open In…” command, and choose EQ Notebook. From there you can import it to your notebook using the Select file to add button, or the Editing Options button depending on whether you want a separate page for the math or not.

  9. Ray permalink

    I’m new to this software. I created four test equations that I now wish to delete. I click on the “edit list” button, then delete all four equations, then click on “save list”. I exit the window and then re-enter onlt to find the equations are back. How do I off them?

    • Hello,

      There’s a weird bug that won’t let you delete all of them as it won’t let you save an empty book. Just delete three of the test equations from the list and leave the fourth one until you have one you want to save and then delete that one.

      Hope this helps,

      Raymond Hodgson

  10. olivierbilbo permalink

    is there a crop feature in the EQ notebook, like there seems to be in EQ writer?
    This feature is important in order to use as a equation editor with pages.

    • No there isn’t any support for that in Notebook. Notebook is quite a bit different in my approach in other apps. If you really needed cropping, you could paste your equation data into EQ Reader and crop it there.

      Hope this helps!

  11. Mark permalink

    I like EQ Writer, partic the idea of writing an ePub with TeX Mathis in it. But it doesn’t work. When I export the Welcome to EQ Writer document to ePub and open in iBooks, the equations written in TeX are just displayed as text strings, $$ … $$. Can EQ Writer do what I want?

    • In order to make the math appear correctly in an ePub, it would need to be converted to an image as ePub doesn’t currently support TeX (although ePub 3.0 is supposed to support MathML).

      You should be able to use EQ Writer to convert TeX to an image by going into edit mode and selecting the equation (i.e. the entire math including the $$). A “convert to image” menu option should appear and let you crop and size the math before it converts it to an image. The math should appear okay in your document and be added to the ePub the same as any other image. For obvious reasons, this will work much better with display math instead of inline math.

      My goal, at some point, would be to add a rendering engine for the math so that the image conversion could happen automatically much the same as it would for a PDF but this will take some time.

      Hope this helps!

  12. Chad permalink

    Can you align a series of equations on the equals sign for example?

    • Unfortunately, there is no support for auto-alignment of equations in the current version. I am working on the next version and plan to implement it there as it is one of the most requested features.

  13. Taylor Brereton permalink

    For some reason I don’t have the “done” and “copy” button in the bottom corners of the screen. All I can do is type up equations, but I can’t export or even save them. I can’t get the screen where you type everything to go down. Is this a common problem and is there a way to fix it?

    • It sounds like you are just in edit mode. Tap the gray border on the edges of the equation to dismiss edit mode and the toolbars with save, export, and other options should appear. Please let me know if this fixes it or if you have other questions. Thanks!

  14. Vic Kelson permalink

    This is going to sound stupid, but I can’t name anything. In EQ Writer I can’t change the names of folders, or documents, or even put my name on anything. Is there a special gesture or something?

    • I sort of wrote that one in a bubble. So there are *no* dumb questions with it.

      To rename a folder, click on the folder to navigate inside it. There will be an info button on the lower left of the toolbar. You can rename it by clicking on the “i” button and changing the name in the field that shows up.

      To rename a document, navigate inside the document by clicking on it. There are page numbers on the bottom toolbar. Click on them to show the table of contents for the document. You can rename the whole document by clicking the blue detail button on the right side and changing the “title” field.

      You can also rename each “page” by clicking the same detail button for each page and changing their name their. This part makes more sense if you realize that on export each page will be its own separate web page or sub-chapter on an HTML or ePub document.

  15. Randy Miller permalink

    I just purchased Equation Editor for my iPad, on which I’m running the latest version of iOS 7. When I launch and run Equation Editor the position at which it displays the blinking cursor onscreen is nowhere near the point at which the next character that I enter will actually be inserted (often the cursor is somewhat above and well to the left of the actual insertion point, but the behavior is unpredictable). This renders the app unusable for me. Any suggestions or fixes?

    • I’ve had reports on this issue before with some retina iPad users. I have been unable to repeat it on any of the simulators or on my own (non-retina) iPad.

      My suggestion at this point is to either wait for the next version which uses a different render system that shouldn’t have these discrepancies or, if you don’t want to do that, try and get a refund.

      I wish I could do more to help but it isn’t something I can fix if I can’t repeat it on my own system.

  16. Randy Miller permalink

    Upon what approximate date do you anticipate releasing this next version?

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