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Development Whiteboard

This page is where we can discuss future development including features you would like to see in the apps and features I have penciled in for future versions. All of these is tentative and some or all of it may not make it into the apps.

EQ Editor

  1. Matrices. Matrices are something that I need to get to work on and should be included in the next major revision.
  2. More intuitive editing. The editor works well enough, but wouldn’t it be nice to just tap and have the cursor move where you want? How about pressing and holding and having it just copy the equation image or MathML? This is the other big thing for the next major revision.
  3. Better keyboard support. This is probably a bigger deal for the Lite version, but it would be a good idea to actually use the keyboard more since Apple went to the trouble of having one and all.
  4. TeX support. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it automatically export in TeX instead? Probably not going to happen with EQ Editor, but I have an idea for another approach to the problem…
  5. Dropbox/iCloud support. This would be the last big thing to add in the next revision, and there’s a very good chance it’ll happen since I had to learn all that dropbox stuff when writing my last app.

EQ Reader

  1. Mathjax 2.0. This would take a simple patch to add, but I need to test it a bit to make sure nothing breaks when adding it.
  2. How about editing instead of just reading the math??  This is also something I am looking into though I may not have time to add it just yet.
  1. Chuck Stevens permalink

    A Lyx like app is just what many of us need. I’m trying to see how close I can come to doing everything on the iPad, and text + equations is one of the major current problems.

    • What I’m working on now, and should have finished in a few weeks, uses Markdown + Mathjax to handle the text + equations problem. It renders the same stuff that Mathjax handles, i.e., TeX, MathML and ASCII Math, and I’ve included a number of custom math features like integrated TeX shortcuts and the ability to convert the Math to an image.

      It handles conversion to HTML (or other XML) and ePub just fine, but outputting directly to PDF and keeping your math is not an easy problem and won’t likely be in the 1.0 version. On the bright side, you should be able to send files you create on the iPad directly to multimarkdown, if you’ve got it, or even to just a web browser and use those to generate PDFs.

  2. Dave Bachmann permalink

    It would be nice to have a way to save what I’ve done so far (or an auto-save) so when the app crashes I don’t lose all the work I just did (like happened again just now).

    • Thanks for the feedback. EQ Editor does allow you to save the active equation, though this may not seem as obvious as it should.

      To save, you take it out of edit mode (by clicking the “Done” button or the grey border depending on your version).

      You then click the “bookmark” button on the toolbar.

      From there you click the “+” button to add a new equation.

      Then a new equation item will appear at the bottom of the list (it may be offscreen). And you can name the new equation. Then click the save button on the toolbar and it should be done.

      EQ Editor should also autosave the active equation every time it is minimized, which obviously doesn’t happen during a crash.

      Thanks, again, for the feedback and I hope this helps!

  3. Simon Shemesh permalink

    Writing a sequence of several equations with eq editor, it may be neater to have the equality sign for all equations in vertical alignment. Can this be done?
    Simon Shemesh

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