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Development Update

June 5, 2014

Work continues at a rapid pace. I’ve finished with the updated draw code and much of the user interface and am working on the export code. The export quality of the PDF and images is much better than the current version and I’m very excited about the overall result to date. Hopefully you will be too!

The release schedule looks on track for it to be submitted in ~ 6 weeks, though I would rather make sure it has all the features it needs and is thoroughly tested than release it too soon. While the main drive behind this release has been to remove all of the UI quirks and improve the typesetting results, I have been listening to your feedback and am working to add as much of these other features as I can into this release. If not, you can be sure that it the next release will be much sooner than the previous ones were.


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  1. paul zhang permalink

    I was trying to find your contact info, but ended up here. Apologize in advance. I was just wondering how to input superscript and subscript. I do not see any implies.


    • In the current version of Editor, you make a superscript by pressing the button that has two rectangles, one large and one small. It is next to the x button. You may need to swipe to scroll the controls up if you don’t see it.

      The subscript and other similar operations show up by pressing the same button for 0.5s then releasing. A popover appears with more buttons. Implies is one of many characters in the table on the left. Tapping the arrow should reveal implies, if and only if, etc.

      And this is the kind of thing I’m moving away from in the next version. So no need to apologize.

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