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EQ Writer is now available!

August 20, 2012

Use EQ Writer to create high quality web documents from a simple text document on your iPhone or iPad. EQ Writer uses Markdown formatted text and MathJax to create HTML, XML, and ePub documents. EQ Writer is a simple and elegant solution to putting your work, especially highly technical work out onto the Web.

You can find EQ Writer on the iTunes Store right here.

Feature List Includes:

  • Complete Dropbox syncing
  • TextExpander Touch support
  • Integrated math support including TeX macros, math to image conversion, and rendering of MathML, TeX, and ASCII math using embedded MathJax library.
  • Markdown editing support including list auto-completion, auto-indentation, and a custom toolbar for Markdown formatting.
  • Word count, complete image, math, and text importing, document wide search and replace (including Grep).
  • Ability to easily import images and links directly from the clipboard or album to your document
  • Full text search of all of your EQ Writer documents.
  • Versatile editor multiple fonts, text styles and colors.
  • HTML preview tailored to look good on any device size or orientation with multiple font and view options including code syntax coloring.

EQ Writer's math support is unequalled by other editors and allows you to easily auto-number and cross link your equations using Markdown or TeX.

Math rendering is 100% standards compliant using the MathJax library and can be sent to a multimarkdown editor for PDF conversion or exported directly from your iPad to your website.

EQ Writer also includes incredible support for creating an ePub version of your document. Create a well styled eBook using EQ Writer's simple but powerful styling options.

A Few Screenshots:







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  1. Dominique permalink

    This looks very interesting. I have two questions.
    1) can I export html with mathjax to an email message? Will iOS Mail display it correctly?
    2) does eq writer export to pdf (in particular, documents with mathjax directives)?


    • Hello,

      To answer your questions:

      1) iOS Mail understands HTML tags but it doesn’t support any CSS styling and its support for images is not through HTML. So unfortunately, you can’t put Mathjax or any other math directly into Mail. Though you could include the Math as an HTML attachment that should render correctly in a web browser.

      2) I studied the problem of PDF files when developing and the quick solution that used Mathjax to render the math produced a 72 DPI resolution PDF that was unacceptable.

      A better solution would be to take the render code from EQ Editor and use that render the MathML and/or TeX and then build a PDF from that. I am currently doing some work to improve the draw code with that in mind, but I have less time to devote to development and it will take awhile to implement.

      Probably more than you wanted to know, but there it is.

  2. Carlos permalink

    Is this app still maintained? I haven’t seen any updates since 2012, so I’m afraid to buy it.

    • I haven’t had the time to bring it up to date for iOS 7. It uses mostly standard UI elements so there shouldn’t be any issues with using it. However, most of what I’ve been using it for is TeX display instead of the ePub functionality. If you just need math display, try the free EQ Reader and see how that works. If you want to make ePubs, I’d recommend just signing up for iBooks Author.

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