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Interface ideas

July 21, 2012

After spending a lot of time on a new app, I am now starting to look toward the next round of changes to existing apps. The two biggest sets are EQ Editor and EQ Reader. What I’m hoping to hear about from you all is what, if anything, do you find frustrating and/or is most need of improvement with the apps.

The interface itself is fairly different from the standard iOS in that it doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard and it doesn’t follow the press and hold for 0.25 secs to make more letters appear. This seems to have lead to confusion from some people at least who, for example, think that you can’t add subscripts to the app at all or don’t seem to understand that you can also press the superscript key after you type in the variable in order to make it a superscript.

When coding from scratch, it is hard to figure out what is obvious for a new user and what is different enough to be frustrating. So here’s your chance to talk about what bothers you about the apps or what new feature you’d really like to see.


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  1. olivierbilbo permalink

    Very nice peace of software, mandatory to write scientific stuffs with pages.
    However, a very useful feature would be to be able to type latin letters with a bluetooth keyboard, with some few shortkey (CTRL+… or CMD+…) for commonly used math symboles, so that equation entry would be much faster…

    Thanks anyway

    • I’m glad you like it and thanks for the suggestion. I am working on a better way to handle the input that is more in line with how iOS usually works. However keyboard shortcut support isn’t very well supported, from what I understand.

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