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Updates for EQ Editor

May 14, 2012

Hello all. I have been doing some work on EQ Editor and am pleased to announce that version 2.1 will be released very soon. This new version will include a number of requested features including:

  • Gesture support for cursor navigation: now you can actually tap on the equation and have it move the cursor there.
  • Support for syncing files with Dropbox
  • Undo/Redo of equations
  • Contextual menus
  • In app preview of equation images
  • Additional equation shortcuts
  • Limited support for transparencies
  • Bug fixes, including a couple that were reported here.

I may be busy in the next week, so I have decided to go ahead and release the help menu files for version 2.1. The ePub manual for EQ Editor 2.1 is here and a zipped HTML version of the same manual is here. The help manual is included inside the app, but I thought it might be helpful for some people who may want to view the help information while they’re working with the app. I plan to include a technical manual that should include the more specialized information that was stripped from the old help file.

For EQ Editor Lite users, an update with these features will be there, but not for several weeks. Also, while I was able to include most of the promised new features, matrices haven’t made the cut.

Let me know if there are any questions or concerns and especially if there are any errors you may run across in this next version. Thanks for your support!

Update: Apparently the good people at Apple were too efficient and the 2.1 update is live a week earlier than I had assumed. The bad news is that I am still waiting on Dropbox to turn the app to production status for their servers. From past experience, it should take a few days. Sorry for any of you who are having problems because of this.

Update #2: I’ve just been informed that the Dropbox part of the app is approved and should be working now.


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