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EQ Notebook 1.0 is now live!

April 9, 2012

EQ Notebook is now live. It is available for purchase from the App Store at this URL:

Any feedback or questions you all have is most welcome, though if you could have a look on the support or development whiteboard pages to see if it has been addressed already,  and maybe try to post comments there first, that would be most appreciated!

Here is an awesome cat picture:

Captain Awesome sleeps, for now...



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  1. Alu permalink

    Unable to link to Dropbox, app crashes. Unable to export files , print option only.

  2. Alu permalink

    Ok. Figured it out now.

  3. Hello,

    Can this tool produce a PDF-file of a document? Does it have the same equation editing features as EQ Editor? Do you have plans to support WebDAV in all of your applications?

    Best regards,


    • PDF is something I would like to do, especially in EQ Writer, but it is not possible without investing a lot of work into text layout using the Core Text APIs, among other things. So I wouldn’t expect it soon.

      EQ Notebook doesn’t have equation editing features. It is an HTML generator with support for input/output and display of equations using Mathjax.

      As far as WebDAV goes, I may add support if Apple builds an API or I run across a good open source framework for it but otherwise that’s not going to happen.

      Hope this helps!

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