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Version 1.02 Live

October 23, 2011

Version 1.02 of EQ Editor is now live. This patch fixes a few bugs and adds some new features, so enjoy!


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  1. Really enjoying the app, now I can create equations on the go! If I understood correctly, the previous version had an option to export a .png with transparency and was later replaced with a white background. I think there should be an option for both. For example I’m using formulas for iBooks which by default adds a sepia background so an equation with a white background looks really ugly.

    • I’m glad you like the app. I liked having it as a transparency as well, however, it made it very difficult to move the .png around in Pages (and possibly other apps) once you pasted it in. This is because Pages didn’t use the bounds of the image to decide whether you were “touching” it or not but rather whether you were actually “hitting” the image, and with a transparency many of those touches were ignored.

      I can look into making a transparency option, but the next version is most likely going to be using a web view with mathjax at the core like is used in EQ Reader. I think it may be possible to take the image you get out of that and turn it into a transparency, but I have alot of work to do before I get to that stage on the EQ Editor app.

  2. Awesome, MathJax looks really promising. Can’t wait for future version of EQ Editor; keep up the great work!

  3. John permalink

    Great App, one small(ish) request. I have a professor who wants equations entered on multiple lines, not stretched out horizontally. Can you add functionality? Thanks!

    • I am working on getting that and it was part of the reason I am moving towards MathJax. However, it’s not likely to happen until early in the new year. On the bright side, when I’m done the iPad version should have this as well as support for matrices.

  4. Art Davis permalink

    I think so far that it will be a nice app when I have learned how to use it! How about a good set of instructions or help function?

    I really liked the complete keyboard showing at once on the original version.

    • Hello and thank you for your purchase.

      Are you talking about the lite version of the app or the new 2.0 version of it? The controls for the new 2.0 version are virtually the same, they just are in a scroll view now, so you may have to switch between the two or use the popup buttons. As far as the lite version, I think it would take up too much RAM to include a full keyboard, but I’m thinking I will add a way to swap between Apple’s built in keyboard and the standard interface in a future version.

      In both apps the “i” button on the toolbar should take you to a separate web view with a fairly large help file. I think you have to be in “edit” mode (with the black toolbar on the bottom) for it to show up on the lite version and in view mode (with the blue toolbar on the bottom) for it to show up on the full version. To toggle between the two you click the “done/edit” button. I hope this makes sense if not I can explain some of the features better in a post or something.

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