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Free EQ Reader now available!

October 23, 2011

EQ Reader promotion logo

EQ Reader is a new free app for iPhone and iPad that let’s you view and resize math equations. EQ Reader can display both MathML and TeX equations and will let you save your favorite equations. You can download EQ Reader here.

The new app uses the open source MathJax engine. For more information on this project, visit:


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  1. Kim permalink

    I am a middle school math teacher looking for an app to help my students that have significant handwriting issues. I love the layout of your app. It looks like it would be much more accessible for my kids than a standard equation editor. I have two questions. Can you type more than one line? It looks like there is space but I don’t see a return or enter key. Second, when I save I can’t figure out how to then access it in iTunes.

    • I’m glad you like the app. One of my goals was to try to make this somewhat useful for people learning math as well as having all of the Uni level math available for those that want it, so if there is any thing else that you feel is missing or a feature that might make it more useful, feel free to contact me.

      Regarding your second question, you should be able to access the files in iTunes by: 1) Connecting your iPad to your computer, 2) selecting the iPad in the devices area, 3) selecting the Apps tab at the top of the main view, 4) scrolling down to the area marked “File Sharing” and clicking on the EQ Editor app. This will show a list of what files you have saved and allow you to export them. It also works with EQ Reader and will allow you to import files into that app from iTunes. The official support page is here:

      Regarding your first question, unfortunately, the 1.0 version of the app allows one line only, mainly because the system I had been using to draw the math on the screen would have ended up using too much memory and crashing if I allowed an arbitrary number of lines (remember that iPad has the same amount of RAM as a computer from the mid 90s). Also, the code for that would have made the app too complicated to work on.

      I have since been working on taking the code that allows EQ Reader to draw math and putting into a new version of EQ Editor. This will still take some time (my plan is Jan/Feb 2012), but it should allow you to have multiline input, have more math display options, and also be able to import math from another program into EQ Editor for you to work on. I am in active development on this, so again any input you have is welcome.


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